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salary cap

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on: 24 Mar 2007, 10:37:31 pm
i have never agreed with stevo in the sl era but i did on weds night when he said that if you bring a kid up through your ranks and he becomes a 1st team regular that he should not count on the salary cap as long as he stays at that club. fair enough the salary cap is working in the fact that its a more even competition but on the other side it is costing us very good young players in the likes of walker,pryce ,myler and most recenty ,ashton. wigan could have afforded to keep ashton but salary cap restrictons prevented it. we are a much smaller game than r.u but we are still producing players that they want . and it is up to the rfl to put a stop to it right away. i have never agreed with teams buying all the best players cos they had the most money. a la chelsea in soccer and  yes wigan in the past but if you produce a young talent then he should be one of your own and you should be able to pay what is required to keep him . lets be honest would we be happy if they come for macavoy and we could not compete because of salary cap restrictions even though the money was in the bank ?? i dont think so


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Reply #1 on: 24 Mar 2007, 10:45:41 pm
if that was the case only players on are salary cap would be

rob jackson
aaron smith

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Reply #2 on: 25 Mar 2007, 12:35:21 am
The  salary  cap  should  be  scrapped  and  you  could  even  argue  its  illegal  as  its  a  restriction  of  trade.

If  football  players  can  earn  huge  amounts  without  such  a  thing  then  so  should  RL  players.  Look  at  Cas  2  years  ago.  They  flouted  the  rules  but  was  anything  done..................NO. >:(

At  the  end  of  the  day  its  up  to  each  club  to  keep  their  spending  in  check.   Quite  a  few  sides  have  spent, spent ,spent.  1  not  to  far  away  from  us  and  look  were  it  got  them.  Problem  is  though  if  you  limit  the  amount  a  RL  player  can  earn  then  he'll  switch  codes  and  play  RU  for  alot  more.  Already  quite  a  few  league  players  are  being  lined  up  to  make  the  switch  and  who  can  blame  them. 

Why  play  RL  and  earn  say  30K  when  you  can  make  double  that  playing  the  rah  rah  game. :(


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Reply #3 on: 25 Mar 2007, 02:43:49 am
yeah it should be scrapped but then would the sl teams not go out and signed all the world class aussie players ???

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Reply #4 on: 25 Mar 2007, 07:51:23 am
yeah it should be scrapped but then would the sl teams not go out and signed all the world class aussie players ???

SL clubs don't sign world class aussies that's the real issue - they sign second rate ones or ones close to retirement

Wigan are paying ?100k + to Richards but couldn't up Ashton's contract of ?20k???


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Reply #5 on: 25 Mar 2007, 08:36:55 am

Wigan had no need to sign a has been called Withers.
His contract money would of kept Ashton at Wigan.

Barry Mcdermott was right on boots 'n' all its up to Wigan to spend wisely and keep within the salary     cap.


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Reply #6 on: 25 Mar 2007, 09:00:45 am
as i see it,, you could spend whatever you wanted,,if the salary cap was lifted,,yeh carry on trying to match the rah rah's wages,,bottom line is the union code has always attracted better/more sponsors than league has ,,and probably always will....if league clubs pay out to demand to save players crossing codes,,then we're all up the xxxx creek without a paddle......no mun - no fun,,,,, :-\ :-\ :-\

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Reply #7 on: 25 Mar 2007, 03:59:15 pm
Ive always thort every team should have 2 over seas max the rest local or uk players, i wonder how that would shake up the super league  :D :D

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Reply #8 on: 26 Mar 2007, 10:44:10 am
but what i dont like is aswel is that aussie and nz players come to this country and not count as a oversea quota i know why but i dont lyk it they have their country and we have ours so i think it shud stick at that as they dont have hardly any english players at all ???

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Reply #9 on: 26 Mar 2007, 06:24:34 pm
the reason the aussies dont have many english players in their league is because there are very few english players good enough to ply their trade in australia.....

getting back to the original post tho, i find it soooooooooooooooooo ironic, in fact HILARIOUS that liars warriors, the team who once could buy anyone they wanted and almost ruined the game in this country, are now in a situation where they have to let players go because they cant pay them huge wages anymore!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D
the reverand, big mac

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Reply #10 on: 27 Mar 2007, 08:53:56 am
thats a very intransigent view puppetmaster its not just wigan thats lost players. its the game of rugby league as a .whole.how is tony smith going to develop young internationals when the best uns are leaving the game.get your blinkers off