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Smith - Great Britain Coach

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on: 26 Mar 2007, 05:03:51 pm
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Reply #1 on: 26 Mar 2007, 08:02:23 pm
Not  a  very  high  profile  job  for  me.  Only  decent  opposition  comes  from  NZ  and  the  Aussies.  Smith  would  have  been  crazy  to  ditch  Leeds  for  a  team  that  only  plays  a  few  games  a  year.

Mind  you  it  wouyld  have  been  easy  money  going  round  al  them  SL  grounds  for  nowt  and  getting  paid  shed  loads  of  cash.  Maybe  I  should  have  applied :D

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Reply #2 on: 27 Mar 2007, 12:50:06 pm
i would have like to seen an british person to land the job but no disrespect to smith he has done a awesome job at leeds taking them to  1 GF and a few good results sure he must be crazy for leaving leeds and it is his decision and he will think he has made the right one i would like to give him my good luck for the upcoming test against France

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