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on: 03 Aug 2012, 04:11:47 PM
ive noticed posts are getting deleted lately without reason that i have saw. this is a haven fans forum and we need to know whats going on from a fans point of view. its been a really tense season for us fans and last sunday at rochdale showed what great fans we have. the mods need to know this if they really are hard core haven fans like me and just chill and think before handing long bans out this season means everything.
cheers shaun.
born and bred haven.

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Reply #1 on: 03 Aug 2012, 04:50:40 PM
The posts were deleted for a reason.  NO correspondence regarding recently banned members will be entered into.

It is not a question of being a hardcore Haven fan.  It is a question of making the forum a pleasant place to be for ALL members.  EVERYONE is welcome on this forum, be it a Haven Fan, or a fan of any other club.  Stick to the rules and you will have no problem.  Overstep the mark - problem arises.  Resurrecting old posts or creating new ones regarding banned members to spark a debate which is NOT open for discussion will ultimately be locked or removed.

Moderators cannot chill if they are constantly being made aware of petty posts and campaigns to reinstate banned members.  Banning a member long term is NOT a decision made lightly - many people are given chance after chance after chance and yet problems from the same people are prevalent.  The members being banned should have thought about their actions before breaking the rules constantly.  After all, they are the rules that everyone agreed to at sign-up to this forum so no excuses can be given.

Now, this topic will also be locked as an explanation has been given.

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