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players you would keep players you would release

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Reply #30 on: 19 Jul 2007, 03:20:52 pm
because they arent good enough to perform in NL1 at a top level week in week out
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Reply #31 on: 19 Jul 2007, 05:07:27 pm
i'd cut down on the travelling players, they were brought in to get is to the next level and they havent. Give the younger lads a chance, with the aim that they will improve

So are you prepared to lose games whilst the younger players find out whether or not they can step up to 1st team rugby?

We  need  the  travelling  players.  Without  them  we  would  be  a  national  league  2  side.

I think people are getting a little carried away.

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Reply #32 on: 20 Jul 2007, 05:53:28 am
You still need a couple of older experienced players in the side or it will be a very inconstant side for a couple of seasons.
It is a very big juggling act with money and foresight to make a good team. You need good young players that you can sign for longer contracts for less money, but you also need the good experienced players to teach the young players they do not learn of a coach.
I would assume the BOD is looking at players that will slot in at the right money to add to the players that are staying.
As you lads would know there is three many types of players Attacking,Defensive and a combination of both. Depending on the player  each side of a position you are choosing, makes all the difference to you choice. No point in having all of one type of player as it does not win many games in the long run! Then with a part time team you have the problem of fitness. Some players are naturally fit and part time training is all they need, others need to train hard ever day to get the same fitness{this is also what makes it a hard decision to bring back players that have not played a game in weeks because of injury, as they do not have the match fitness to keep up} level.
There should be a bit more blooding of young players. If Haven is 20 in front at halftime one of the young blokes should come on for the second half if the game is in control. This is always the way to go up until the pointy end of the season as it gives you backup players with experiance for the finals and gives them a chance to shine and learn.

Some of the over 30's will be going from what i know and they are still good players but they would know the small amount of money they get is not worth it at all to the added damage it does there body. The damage comes at 60 year old etc from those extra few years of the game.

Sorry i was sitting here bored and thought id add to the thread!