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rob jackson

Offline brett kinghams mullet

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on: 23 Apr 2007, 09:05:56 pm
are we ver going to see him in a haven shirt again...he supposed to have been playing  leigh away, dews home,bram at home and no sign of him ...theres very little coming from the club about his injury

i may be being paranoid but it does not look good


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Reply #1 on: 23 Apr 2007, 09:18:17 pm
rob has stil been having pains in his ribs. all going well he will be playing at batley

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Reply #2 on: 24 Apr 2007, 04:50:23 pm
he was down the dewsbury match with the family i fink lol so hes obviously not going unless he wouldnt make an appearence.... !!!!


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Reply #3 on: 24 Apr 2007, 06:13:33 pm
correct marra rob was there along with his girlfriend or wife. john duffys wife and kids and steve madens fiance