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u21s vs cas today

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on: 01 Jul 2007, 10:04:35 pm
got beat 42-24

travelled with 16 players. haven conditioner matt johnson played his mate also turned out and a lad called paul lancaster also played

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Reply #1 on: 01 Jul 2007, 10:31:06 pm
So are you saying they went with only 13 players who would normally play and 3 lads who went to help make up the numbers and get a team out, if that's true then what's going on?

It sounds like there's problems especially when players are jacking in.


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Reply #2 on: 01 Jul 2007, 11:18:37 pm
yep thats what im saying, people say are u21s squad is big it isnt. craig mcavoy had work today. bainbridge lebbon benson hodgson machien murrary all injured. mcnally adam ramsden and the other lad all to young. farmer and salmon packed in. davies gb duty.

team was

1 paul lowrey
2 paul lancaster
3 matt johnson (conditioner)
4 dan smith
5 stephen fox
6 danny barker
7 ashley elsley
8 andrew jones
9 chris smith
10 david ford
11 adam shaw
12 marc shackley
13 brad crellin

14 lee (johnsons mate)
15 gary johnstone
16 richard farrar

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Reply #3 on: 02 Jul 2007, 11:38:50 pm
with out benson and lebbon  in the u21's  you are goner strugle because the rest of the backs are quite light. I think the u21's are strugling because no one wants to play away matches and who can blame them they have hardly had a chance in the first team. I also think they acadamy needs a decent half back because some times they look abit clueles and void of ideas


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Reply #4 on: 02 Jul 2007, 11:47:48 pm
ty dalton would have been a soulotion oh he signed for town didnt he  ::)

get mcdonald and flanagan at haven


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Reply #5 on: 03 Jul 2007, 12:02:54 am

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Reply #6 on: 03 Jul 2007, 08:59:43 am
Thought the idea of the u-21s was to both develop the younger players and provide the first team players who aren't in the 17 an opportunity to keep up their match fitness.

With this is mind, why wasn't Ricky Wright, Aaron Lester and Craig McAvoy playing on Sunday?


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Reply #7 on: 03 Jul 2007, 10:00:05 am

Aaron Lester has retired.


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Reply #8 on: 03 Jul 2007, 01:17:08 pm
craig mcavoy was working

ricky wright hasnt played in the u21s for weeks

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Reply #9 on: 03 Jul 2007, 04:52:16 pm

spoke to a couple of lads from whitehaven r.u and they reckon he's every bit as quick as calvert

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Reply #10 on: 03 Jul 2007, 05:16:15 pm
Why hasn't Ricky Wright played for the u-21s, surely that was the whole idea. He should be keeping up his fitness/match sharpness in the u-21s for when he is required for the 1st team.

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Reply #11 on: 04 Jul 2007, 08:14:10 pm
paul lancaster (titch) is a fantastic play very very fast i would say nearly as fast as calvert! good tackler not sure about kicking.

board came down to watch him a while back he had a stinker that day to his own admission!

very good player though one for the future and deffo first team material!

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Reply #12 on: 04 Jul 2007, 09:45:27 pm
some u21s have been led to believe that they were going to be first teamer's when they signed. (is that their fault or the fault of the person who signed them)
they have not got a look in and the lads are fed up. (they were fed up before they played workington)
the first team have not put a full game together all season and the first team (when available) has not changed.

 our board is spending a fortune on  lancs players just because they are full time and because we are paying a fortune for them they have to play. 

we've been spoiled by the quality of overseas players who we have attracted to the club over the years, they have made whitehaven their home and helped to improve the standard of rugby at the club unlike the off comers who are just preventing us from developing our local talent.